Astra 200 Motorised Roller Blinds

  • Operates at noise level of 40dBa
  • Radio frequency receiver
  • Simplified installation and maintenance free
  • Flexible operating functions network control
  • Overheat protection
  • Precise limit degree


Model No Astra 200
Maximum Area 150sqft
Rated Torque 3N.m
Rated RPM 28rpm
Motor Diameter 45mm
Rated Voltage 230VAC
Rated Power 85W
Rated Current 0.38A
IP Class IP 44
RF Wireless Frequency 433MHz
One Zero Remote Control ✔*
iOne AC Switch 1/2 Gang (with R/F receiver)

* Can be operated via 10-channels remote control if connect with iOne AC switch 1/ 2 Gang